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We wrote in last month’s newsletter that we believed that London in August was not going to be as quiet as some suggested…and we have been proved right.

We are delighted to have agreed three sales in the past four weeks, including the fantastic house in Earls Terrace, a flat that was on the market for less than a week plus one which has been on the market for a while. With this level of activity, it’s clear that our prediction that sales could be achieved during the summer lull was accurate.

Looking ahead, we are regularly asked for our opinion on the housing market and what to expect this autumn?

We are noticing that buyers are becoming more decisive and more plentiful as the year progresses. We have dealt with captains of industry who have decided that now is the time to buy, to take advantage of currency weakness and political uncertainty, both of which may move away from them next year.

In our recent experience, these buyers of conviction aren’t scared of paying the right price for the best properties and acting decisively, knowing that they could have the last laugh as and when prices bounce back in due course.

In summary, we aren’t seeing buyers pull out of transactions because of political uncertainty, Brexit and falling prices and expect to see a steady flow of transactions over the remainder of 2018.