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Welcome to Tedworth Property

The Easter break has hatched early this year and with the majority of schools already on holiday, many are enjoying a last minute dash to the slopes or to sunnier climes. If you are reading this update away from home, we hope you are having a wonderful time.

Returning to London…we are, as regular readers of this newsletter will know, constantly reviewing the market and we have always believed that the greatest influencing factor for the prime London property market is ‘sentiment’.

There are a number of factors currently at play which, when combined, are encouraging a degree of caution amongst buyers, explaining why many are adopting a wait and see approach in the short term.

However, whilst the volume of new buyer registrations may be lower in comparison to recent years, the very good news is that the quality of those looking to buy or rent remains high and those who are actively looking remain resolute in their objective of seeking out the best the market has to offer.

With a wide selection of properties available both on and off market, we are in the fortunate position to be able to assist with enquiries from our international network for both sales and lettings.

The net result being that our clients benefit from high quality, motivated leads, ensuring improved efficiency and qualified buyers and tenants. It’s win win for all involved.

We would love to chat and discuss any property related matters you may have and look forward to hearing from you.