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One thing that has become evident to us in recent months is that clients are now looking for something different when selecting an agent to act on their behalf. They are looking for experience, local knowledge and agents with great contacts who can actually produce buyers.

We want to sell clients’ properties for them and getting the price correct goes a long way to achieving this goal.  Of course, providing a market appraisal is not an exact science but a careful analysis of the local market (with the benefit of 30 years’ experience) allows us to pinpoint the price point at which a property should be sensibly listed.

This approach is setting us apart, giving vendors the confidence that we will follow through on our promise of selling the properties that we are listing for sale.

Price sensitivity and Brexit are buzz words we all use but the fact remains that there are many active buyers in the market (we had multiple bids on our last sale). Several buyers that we are working with have been looking for a while and are becoming frustrated with a lack of new stock, but are keen to buy.

‘Accidental’ tenants are seeing their savings being eroded and are beginning to realise that Stamp Duty won’t change so are now prepared to take the plunge and buy.

People realise that as long as they are focusing on a mid-to-long term view, the fundamental reasons for buying in London haven’t changed. There is a cautious optimism amongst serious buyers that the future for London is bright.

If you are thinking of selling, we would love to talk to you.