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If one walks down the Kings Road in Chelsea, past Peter Jones and onto Pavilion Road, you will find an abundance of people enjoying a socially distanced al-fresco cappuccino in the early autumn sunshine in one of the many artisan cafes that this part of London has to offer.

Of course it goes without saying that for all of us, the way we live is subject to short term change within this constantly evolving situation. However, equally, life for many feels pretty normal and in London, at least for the time being, it seems people are trying to get on with life as best they can.

We are finding, in the context of the property market, that there remains a plentiful supply of buyers and sellers, particularly in the Prime London market who are keeping us surprisingly busy.

Whilst its true that some international buyers are not currently in London for obvious reasons, they have been replaced in part by domestic purchasers, many of whom have seen their place of work change over recent months and therefore their housing needs have also changed.

As ever, to a large extent, the key to a successful sale of a property is the relationship between the client and their appointed agent. With that in mind, if you are considering whether this is the time to sell, please get in touch so we can discuss our thoughts on current market conditions with you in more detail.