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March 2019 has been an exceptional month for Tedworth.

In addition to the sale on Pavilion Road, SW1, another highlight has been negotiating the successful sale of a beautiful family home on the Peterborough Estate in Fulham. Acting on behalf of the seller, contracts were exchanged within 10 days of it being launched to market having failed to sell with another agent last year. A real success story.

So what can we summise from this increased level of activity?

1. “Best in class” properties can still achieve a premium.
2. There are active buyers at all levels for sensibly priced properties and we believe demand is increasing.
3. With increased demand, we believe prices shouldn’t fall any further and as stock levels remain low, we may actually be witnessing the start of a gentle uptick in values.
4. There is perhaps light at the end of the tunnel for the London property market.

With an increase in buyer registrations, if you are contemplating selling and would like to be a part of and share in Tedworth’s success, please do contact us.