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It goes something like this:

Vendor: “I was wondering how the marketing of my property is going? Any viewings or potential interest?”

Estate Agent:  “Hmm….well, unfortunately now that the summer is here, the market is very quiet. No one is in London and won’t be until the second week of September.”


Clearly this is written slightly tongue in cheek, but believe it or not, it’s a fair reflection of the mindset of many agents during the summer lull. Whilst we aren’t suggesting the market is booming in August, we do believe that it’s not quite as dormant as some may suggest and indeed there are deals being agreed.

Historically, the best agents tend to perform very well in a quiet market, mindful of the fact that others might have taken their eye off the ball. For some vendors, they are keen to move on, whilst equally, for buyers, the summer represents a great opportunity to focus on searching for a property whilst they have more time and their own offices are quieter.

The trick is to marry the two together and if done successfully, then July and August can prove to be fruitful time for vendors. We are currently acting on behalf of vendors with properties under offer in Chelsea and Westminster and are in the throws of negotiation for a flat in Mayfair.

It just goes to show what can be done if you work with experienced, proactive agents.