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Annie, congratulations on joining the team at Tedworth. What is your role within the team?

The whole ethos behind Tedworth is that like-minded and highly experienced professionals have come together to form a new breed of agency with the client at the heart of everything we do. My role will be to work with my long-standing clients and provide a bespoke service, whilst also building long standing relationships with new clients to showcase that whilst we are small (for now) we have the network and ability to produce the best results for clients who entrust us to sell their properties.

Tell us about your experience in the London property market?

I have been working within the industry for over 25 years and during that time, have worked within lettings, run my own search agency and latterly worked in prime sales for John D Wood in Belgravia for the past six years. I have experienced every type of market you can imagine and it’s this experience that I believe sets me apart and allows me to have a level head regardless of the situation – something my clients have always found invaluable.

Why have you switched from the relative comfort of a corporate agency to a new boutique agency? A brave move, particularly in such an unpredictable market?

For me, it felt like a very natural move. Estate agency is changing and after 25 years, I feel the soul has been taken out of what we do. There is so much computer-generated communication between agents and clients nowadays that I was beginning to feel the service and engagement was being lost. For me buying and selling a property is a very personal thing and I wanted to work within a team where an engaging and proactive approach is offered, providing best service levels at all times which I feel is more apparent in a smaller boutique agency.

There are a few new agencies popping up, many claiming to be part of a new breed of agency. Why choose Tedworth?

I have worked closely with Simon and Christian over the years both in my role as a search agent and then whilst at John D Wood in Belgravia. One of the main considerations for me was their personal track records – they have delivered in tough markets and can truly be classed as Prime Central London experts. Whilst there are other operators masquerading as PCL experts, I wanted to work with them as I consider them to be two of the best and most professional and likeable agents in London. For me, that’s hugely important when we are all working closely as a team, respecting our individuality and different strengths. The combination provides a different approach to ensure we really are looking after our clients’ best interests.

What is the vision for Tedworth and how do you see the market going forward?

The vision in its simplest form is to continue to grow and be considered as a serious player in the Prime Central London property market – not simply to obtain market share on unsaleable properties but to actually deliver a first class service and sell properties successfully for our clients.

I genuinely believe that having autonomy in a small company enables all of us to thrive, without the constant feel of big brother watching you, which is becoming a constant in the bigger firms. When you consider our collective 55 years’ experience, the contacts we have made and our track records, I think this bodes well for the business, more so than ever in a volatile and unpredictable market. As we grow and more people join us, well…who knows where we could end up?

The market will continue to suffer from uncertainty in the short term – Brexit, interest rates and political tensions all bode for an interesting time ahead, though conversely, it’s exactly this type of uncertainty that allows us to thrive and offer the certainty to clients in an otherwise uncertain world.

What keeps you busy when you are not working?

Where do I start – family, friends, yoga, gym, photography…