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You might not have millions to fork out on a 10,000 sqft badminton court, but there are other ways of making sure you get what you want when buying a property. Here are six tips for what buyers of all budgets should do when looking for a new home, according to property experts.

Get organised

“It never ceases to amaze me how disorganised people are when it comes to buying property.” says Roarie Scarisbrick at Property Vision. “You should do everything you can to ensure that you are fully prepared to buy, with lawyers and finance in place and a clear understanding of what you need to do to execute a purchase and how long it will take. “Speed is of the essence when it comes to deal time and an offer will be more compelling to a seller if you can outline a clear and realistic timetable for exchange and completion, with all the right professionals appointed!”

Find out about the neighbours

“Research your neighbours – don’t overlook the importance of your quiet enjoyment of the property” says Ashley Wilson at Middleton Advisors. Ask your agent about them, advises Christian Warman at Tedworth Property. Don’t just find out what they’re like – ask about the facilities they use in the local area. What parks do they use? Where do they do their grocery shopping? Where do they go to the gym? If there’s a porter or concierge in the building you’re considering moving to, ask them, too.Are most people in the building renters or homeowners?

Check the heating and insulation

“In this day and age, [concern about] heating bills is very prevalent.” says Warman. “Check how the property is heated and how the heat is retained. Is there double glazing? Is the boiler new-ish? Has it been serviced? Those are key questions to ask!

Find out about the seller

“It often amazes me how often people don’t ask what the vendor’s situation is. That’s always a key fact to find out.” says Warman. Find out what their time frame is and their reasons for selling. Do they own other properties? Were they living there or renting the property out? Have they found a property to move to? How long do they need to complete? “You will get a better deal from a seller if vou make their lives easier,” says Scarisbrick. Speaking to the sellers can also be a useful way of teasing out more details about the local area. Find out about their move. How long have they lived in this property, and where are they moving to? Where did they send their children to school?

Check the local planning portal

Go online and check the local planning portal, advises Wilsdon. Ascertain whether major work has been carried out in the past five years to give you an indication of the likelihood of future disruption, as well as whether recent planning applications have been made.

Can you be specific about your property even if you’re not a millionaire?

Yes, says Warman. If you need something specific in the local area, don’t be afraid to ask. “If the agent knows their area. they should be able to answer that” It’s okay to make requests about the property itself, too, but be warned: “If the agent takes them at face value, they are going to limit their search ” Be sure about your requirements before you Set them in stone – there may be a compromise to be found.