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Many developers are more discreet. “We have had many conversations with people who have said stamp duty is way too much, and the developer turns around and says: ‘Well, how about we pay half and you pay the other half,’ ” says Christian Warman, a former Savills agent who co-founded the agency Tedworth Property.

Treat some of the most colourful options with extreme caution, however. “Most people are savvy enough to know that someone isn’t just going to give them a Rolls-Royce, and that the price of the car has to come from somewhere — it has often just been added to the value of the house,” Warman says. “In our view, it’s best to try to negotiate £150,000 off the purchase price.”

Be cautious, however: despite pledges by developers to offer you the best price, you should get your own valuations and try to avoid the scheme if you think you can sell your own house. “Those selling the property are often disappointed by the price they’re offered,” Warman says. “The developer tends to offer less because they need to be sure they can offload it.”